The perils of the asymptomatic

I’m getting a reminder of why I like my own four walls and a top floor apartment in this motel room. Somebody upstairs has been banging around since around 3 a.m., walking heavily on my ceiling.

I mean, really, at three o’fucking clock in the fucking morning? At least I’m caught up now.

COVID-19 Pandemic

To the best of my knowledge, I still haven’t gotten COVID-19 despite ongoing exposure to folks who fervently believe that vaccine and mask refusal demonstrate fealty to Donald Trump and a lot of others who just don’t give a damn anymore.

Although I’m fully vaccinated and double-boosted, the protection offered by vaccines against the latest variants is decreasing, and so I suppose it’s possible I’m ‘super-immune.’ My history is that I just don’t get sick—not common colds, not the flu, not any of this shit.

But I was only tested for the first time the other day, in preparation for the trip I’m now on, driving across country to visit my aging and presumably much more vulnerable mother (who thankfully also hasn’t caught COVID-19, to the best of our knowledge). And there is that nagging—‘haranguing’ might be a better word—possibility I’ve merely been asymptomatic. Of these possibilities, only ‘super-immunity’ is mentioned—dismissively—in this Washington Post article.[1] So what’s really going on here is we don’t know if I’ve been infected.

I’ll be tested again in Sacramento, just prior to arrival at my mother’s house.

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Gun nuttery

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Donald Trump

Coup attempt

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