The world’s richest nonsense-maker meets a no-nonsense judge


In my last update, Ankush Khadori had argued that Elon Musk’s legal strategy in a lawsuit over his attempt to withdraw from his agreement to purchase Twitter would necessarily rely on obfuscation and delay.[1] and I wondered how much of Musk’s nonsense the judge hearing the case would be willing to put up with.[2] It doesn’t sound like this particular judge will have much time for such nonsense at all.[3] If Musk gets out of this with a favorable verdict, I think a whole bunch of people, certainly including myself, are going to be really, really surprised.

Dave Michaels, “Judge in Twitter, Elon Musk Case Known for Quick Work,” Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2022,


Gun nuttery

Matt Ford, “The Ecstasy of Watching Alex Jones Get Trounced in Court,” New Republic, August 5, 2022,

Donald Trump

Coup attempt

Eric Tucker and Michael Balsamo, “Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate,” Associated Press, August 8, 2022,

Ideology as ‘science:’ economics

There are a lot of folks who play economists on television. They even put on sufficiently convincing acts (meaning they regurgitate elite-pleasing neoliberal talking points) that politicians listen to them and universities hire them. But Robert Kuttner is a rare example of the real deal. Read his shit: He supplies arguments and evidence, quite in contrast to those other talking heads, including, by the way, Paul Krugman.

Robert Kuttner, “Our Bewildering Economy,” American Prospect, August 8, 2022,

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