The cosmopolitan and the anti-cosmopolitan

There is a new blog post entitled, “The false dichotomy of mythologies that underlies political polarization.”

I’m thinking hard lately about the question, in terms of places to live, how I can reconcile what I can tolerate with what I can afford. On my recent trip west, my arrival in Sante Fe, New Mexico, felt like a breath of fresh air. There was a feeling of, to me, normalcy there that I haven’t felt since I moved to Pittsburgh.

If I could even live between the forks of the Ohio, in Pittsburgh, it would be better; this area, often populated by college students, is distinctly more cosmopolitan, which I see I need. But I also need forest, woods, and it seems like most rural areas are distinctly anti-cosmopolitan and intolerant. Cosmopolitan areas are also more expensive than, as long as I am stuck driving for Uber with no apparent alternative, anti-cosmopolitan ones.

It seems like there is no tolerable compromise, no concession in this life to any of the important things I really need.


I don’t know how I tell you to read this remarkable article[1] without ruining it for you without just telling you to read it. So fucking read it. If you’re even remotely interested in history, it’ll be completely worth it.

Ted Widmer, “Russia-Ukraine: five lessons from the 19th-century Crimean war,” Guardian, July 21, 2022,


Donald Trump

Coup attempt

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