Housekeeping: Announcing a new, faster host

No real news today though stuff certainly continues to churn.

The real point of this post is to let you all know I have migrated Not Housebroken and The Irregular Bullshit to new, speedier hosting.

I had been really, really, really pissed off by for it’s “innovations” which made WordPress nearly unusable for me. It had ceased to be what I was paying for.

A friend from my days on Friendica, whose wishes about being identified I do not know, stepped in with his Contabo shared server, giving me the space to consider and find alternative hosting. That time was invaluable, allowing me to step away from the problem for a while.

But, as he was well aware, it was not the greatest performing hosting, and so I returned to the problem and selected a virtual private server with Dreamhost. This should be a little better.

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