So Vladimir Putin had a little ‘accident’


Fig. 1. “The atomic cloud over Nagasaki 1945.” Photograph from Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch, New York Office, News and Features Bureau, (12/17/1942 – 09/15/1945), by Charles Levy, August 9, 1945, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

It seems a missile probably made in Russia hit Polish territory. The assumption that Russia launched the missile is being investigated. That the missile was in fact made in Russia has not been confirmed. But, at least in theory, Vladimir Putin might now actually have himself a shooting war with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.[1]

A lot will surely depend on the “findings” of an “investigation.” Perhaps Russia did indeed manufacture the missile. Perhaps Russia did indeed launch the missile. Perhaps Russia intentionally targeted Poland. But NATO’s investigation can, of course, conveniently fail to substantiate such claims. And it would help loads if such a report were in fact credible. Of course, that might require Putin to make some concessions.

A problem for anyone attempting to downplay the attack will be Putin’s own, his government’s own, and his propagandists’ own rhetoric suggesting that his war on Ukraine is in fact a war against NATO.[2] Another problem is that he and they have rattled his sword at Poland already.[3] That should raise the price Putin will have to pay.

That is, unless Putin actually wants a shooting war with NATO.

I’m wondering how this plays.

Seung Min Kim and Zeke Miller, “Biden calls ‘emergency’ meeting after missile hits Poland,” Associated Press, November 15, 2022,



Unauthorized violence

Fig. 2. “A woman reacts at a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue following Saturday’s shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Oct. 29, 2018,” photograph by Cathal McNaughton for Reuters, via ABC News, October 29, 2018,[4] fair use.

Justin Vellucci, “Bystander struck by bullet in Downtown Pittsburgh, police say,” Pittsburgh Tribune=Review, November 15, 2022,


Donald Trump

Coup attempt

Fig. 3. Original: The White House. Derivative work: J. J. Messerly, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Utterly unsurprisingly, our least favorite delusional raging narcissist, formerly -in-chief, is running again.[5] At this point, it’s hardly even news. Yawn.

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Fig. 4. Photograph by author, November 15, 2022.

I don’t think anyone in Pittsburgh was actually expecting it to snow today. According to the thermometer in my dashboard, the temperature never got below 34° Fahrenheit, but I was sometimes driving through blizzard-like conditions. I never had a problem with traction, but the facts that 1) the snow was actually sticking to the ground (figure 4) and 2) the roads had not been salted meant a lot of folks, myself included, were driving very conservatively.

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