Even some Israeli academics agree the war on Gaza is genocide

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Fig. 1. Lake Erie, from Presque Isle State Park. Photograph by author, April 3, 2021.

The issue of official-looking badges to higher-ups in the Erie County bureaucracy sounds like a flawed response to a real problem. Brenton Davis’ complaint is that in some cases some people, including white supremacist gangsters, fail to recognize him or his authority. So he issued badges that look like law enforcement badges to himself and some other top-level county officials. They are not actually law enforcement badges and do not carry that authority. It’s an unusual solution and the problem with it lies in the potential for confusion.[1]

I don’t expect this to go well for Davis. But I do recognize the problem he’s trying to solve. In my experience, white supremacist gangsters (sometimes called ‘police’) are control freaks: They perceive a threat in any situation they do not control and it is my understanding that they are trained accordingly.

There are times when that’s a problem. It is certainly foreseeable that white supremacist gangsters will reject even appropriate authority. Hell, the Pittsburgh gangsters are ignoring a city ordinance that forbids secondary traffic stops.[2] They haven’t sued: Courts have not weighed in on an ordinance the gangsters object to. The gangsters just ignore it.

And when we talk about “trained law enforcement,” a good deal of the notion of “defunding the police” is about training that is in no way sufficient to the problems of what sociologists broadly term “deviant” behavior and about diverting resources to people who do have the necessary training,[3] which in my judgment would entail at least a Master’s degree in social work, psychology, or a closely related discipline (no, human science will not do), and frankly, I’d prefer to see doctoral-level folks out there and with actual authority over the gangsters.

I don’t know what the solution is here. I think Davis is well-intentioned. I think he has a real problem. But this problem has roots which reach deeply into our system of social organization’s reliance on white supremacist gangsters, a reliance which is beyond challenge.

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Fig. 2. The ruins of a terminal at the Gaza airport. Image by Said Khatib (Agence France-Presse) on September 9, 2018, via the Times of Israel,[4] fair use.

Regev Nathansohn, who teaches communications at Sapir College, is one of two dozen Israeli academics who have signed a petition calling for the United States to stop arming Israel in its war with Hamas. The petition, which more than 1,000 academics from around the world have signed, characterizes Israel’s conduct as a “plausible genocide.”

“President Biden, do not let the United States go down in history as the enabler of genocide,” said the petition, which has more than 1,000 signatories, from a group called Academics4Peace. “Respect the US’s obligation under international law and basic morality. The only way to stop the starvation of two million people, including 100+ Israeli hostages, is to end this war.”

Sapir is located on the Gaza border near the town of Sderot, which was one of the sites attacked in Hamas’ Oct. 7 invasion of Israel. . . .

Nathansohn, who earned his doctorate at the University of Michigan, is one of at least five Israeli signatories who have faced intense backlash from students, according to the petition’s organizer, Shira Klein, an Israeli American history professor at Chapman University in California. She said the others are Eran Fisher of the Open University of Israel, and three scholars at Beersheba’s Ben Gurion University: Michal Givoni, Maor Zeev-Wolf and Uri Mor. Klein pointed to posts from students denouncing them on social media and in an online petition, as well as, in one case, a campus protest.

In total, more than 20 Israeli academics have signed the letter, among more than 1,000 overall. Outside of Israel, signatories include two Nobel laureates and numerous scholars of the Holocaust and Jewish history. Klein is an expert on the Holocaust and has studied contemporary antisemitism.[5]

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