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Joe Biden

Fig. 1. Joe Biden and Pope Francis, unknown photographer, April 29, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Joe Biden is delusional, enabled by #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. He goes to campaign rallies and other events, attended by his loyalists, and generalizes from their praise to U.S. voters as a whole, even as the polls say otherwise.[1] Anybody who’s had a methodology class should recognize the problems: selective observation, hasty generalization not merely from an unrepresentative sample, but rather from a positively biased sample.

He listens to his sycophants—and there are a few of them—just like Donald Trump listens to his.

This sets up a cataclysm. Despite the setbacks in France and the United Kingdom, illiberalism is on the rise, with white Christian nationalism poised to regain power in the U.S., finding allies in western and central Europe, allying with Russia and China against Ukraine, and with Israel against Palestine. Neoliberals, including Biden, meanwhile, continue to seem more desperate to suppress progressives than white Christian nationalists. Unless something turns this tide, it will be Gilead and like-minded authoritarianism across much of the world.

We need politicians who will humanely respond to reality. Urgently. But the only ones who respond at all—for them, cruelty is often the point—are on the right.

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