Pennsylvania · Erie



Fig. 1. Lake Erie, from Presque Isle State Park. Photograph by author, April 3, 2021.

At one point, I tentatively decided I would like to move to Erie. The winter of 2022-2023, however, in which Erie was subject to significant snowfall—this can be daunting to deal with, from shoveling to driving—while Pittsburgh had hardly any, suggested to me that for at least as long as I am stuck driving for Uber or Lyft, this would be a bad idea.

Erie is back on the agenda. Pittsburgh driving is, in some ways, getting worse,[1] I think as drivers return to the road following the pandemic, and I worry about my car on these unbelievably crappy roads. Even after a couple brutal winters, the roads in Erie are far better overall; I am not continuously wondering if the navigation app is taking me down something horrible.

And there is a certain haunting quality to Lake Erie that I find enormously attractive and that piques my interest in the Great Lakes region generally.

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