One-way streets in Pittsburgh

Safari Screenshot 2020-04-26 21.03.23
Fig. 1. Screenshot from Google Maps, taken April 26, 2020, of East Agnew Avenue.

Local authorities here seem to be economical with one way signs with the consequence that you might be on a one-way street without knowing it. One-way streets are often marked only where you cannot enter. For example, Google has the entirety of East Agnew Avenue from Brownsville Road in Carrick to Becks Run Road, probably in Baldwin, marked as a one way street (figure 1). This is not actually true as can be readily determined by the presence of stop signs and other regulatory signs facing the allegedly wrong way.

But it is true on the bottom portion approaching Becks Run Road. And indeed, the Becks Run Road end is well marked with Do Not Enter signs and a One Way sign. It’s harder to say where the one way section begins from the other end. There is a point where East Agnew Avenue narrows noticeably and that would be my guess. But I don’t actually know and there are no signs indicating it.

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