The Democratic nominee-apparent: What I’m reading, April 15-16 (early), 2016 (updated)

Updated for more Bill Clinton stupidity. Also, Xavier Flory articulates and substantiates what I sensed about the New York Times coverage of the Democratic Party primary contest. And George Monbiot writes on the pervasiveness and persistence of neoliberal ideology

Hillary Clinton

It’s pretty rare for me to agree with any conservatives on anything. On those very rare occasions, it’s more often traditionalist conservatives that I’ll find myself agreeing with than any others. Daniel Larison offers another example of why that’s the case.

As to Bill Clinton’s latest—Hillary really should just tell him to shut the fuck up—when he says “[t]he inequality problem is rooted in the shareholder-first mentality and the absence of training for the jobs of tomorrow,”[1] what exactly does he mean by “jobs of tomorrow?” Does he mean, like he did when he was president, jobs that corporations haven’t figured out how to outsource yet and which will last only until they do?

Daniel Larison, “Clinton’s Reliably Bad Foreign Policy,” American Conservative, April 12, 2016,

Xavier Flory, “Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Mouthpiece: The New York Times,” Truthout, April 15, 2016,

Hanna Trudo, “Bill Clinton: Sanders backers would ‘shoot every third person on Wall Street,'” Politico, April 15, 2016,

The Horse Race

When anybody in the mainstream media admits that Bernie Sanders wins anything, he probably won.

Dylan Matthews, “2 winners and 3 losers of Thursday’s Democratic primary debate,” Vox, April 15, 2016,


George Monbiot criticizes the left for failing to suggest an economic alternative to be adopted in the wake of neoliberalism’s failure.[2] The trouble with that suggestion is not that an alternative is not needed, but that the necessary alternative is not just economic—it goes to the heart of how we have structured our society, our power relations not only among ourselves as a species, but over other species and over the environment.[3]

George Monbiot, “The Zombie Doctrine,” April 15, 2016,


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