Trump Studies (with a capital ‘S’). Yes, really: Daily Bullshit, April 22-23 (early), 2016

I was tied up in Windows all day, so didn’t get to this until late.

Donald Trump

Darren Samuelsohn, “The Rise of Trump Studies,” Politico, April 22, 2016,

Paul Ryan

David Dayen, “Paul Ryan Is Making John Boehner Look Like a Legislative Genius,” New Republic, April 22, 2016,

The Horse Race

Nick Gass, “State Dept. spokesman: Trump isn’t the only candidate worrying world leaders,” Politico, April 22, 2016,


Of course, it was worth every penny.

Tara Golshan, “Unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone was the FBI’s most expensive public hacking job yet,” Vox, April 22, 2016,


Tara Golshan, “Uber just settled 2 major lawsuits, and its drivers still aren’t employees,” Vox, April 22, 2016,

Hillary Clinton

We will be hearing about this at least right up to November.

Hanna Trudo, “FBI could leak Clinton email investigation, Grassley warns,” Politico, April 22, 2016,

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