Neoconservatives like Pete Buttigieg

There was an earlier, extra issue today.


So I understand when a lot of people think I’m being an asshole about online service providers. They forget that I was, once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, a programmer. I saw the code that other programmers produced. They forget that I’ve seen other programmers’ arrogance. And they forget that programmers have yet to give me even one reason to remotely suspect that they’ve improved in even the slightest way since.

A lot of folks will suspect malice here. And it may yet turn out that they’re right. But in the absence of further evidence, I’m assuming the usual incompetence and arrogance. Just like I saw in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Richard Nixon’s posthumous impostor has a point. Because they should have been supervising the work the contractor did. They should have insisted on testing in their presence.

But here’s the thing with neoliberals. Just as they outsource work to other countries, they get out of the habit of checking the work, even when it’s done domestically. The contractor is supposed to be solely responsible.

That argument might work in a court of law. But a lot of people have a lot of unanswered questions. The explanations offered so far are insufficient.

What needs to happen:
– UN election monitors called in
– Independent investigation
– Mass resignations at DNC
– #TomPerezResign
– Recent Perez appointments revoked
– #MayorCheat Pete Buttigieg must drop out#Iowa #DNCRigging #Election2020 #IACaucus #BernieWon

— Polly Tickal (@PollyTickal) February 4, 2020

Polly Tickal is right.

And so is Peter Daou.

But more profoundly,

This is, of course, the authoritarian populist reaction. But it isn’t helping to advance Medicare For All, which would suit neoliberals just fine.

Results are starting to trickle out. As I was about to publish:
FireShot Capture 058 - Election Results - U.S. ELECTIONS -
Fig. 1. Screenshot of the Iowa caucus results by Associated Press, as of 7:31 pm.

I saw that the National Review was trumpeting Pete Buttigieg in the lead at one point. I haven’t seen that in the time I’ve been looking. But now we see where neoconservative hopes lie.

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