Round-ups will be next: What I’m reading, March 22, 2016

Surely the terrorists have ‘won’ when the level of political discourse—all of it, from both Republicans and Democrats—is reduced to this level. The lesson we should have learned from India,[1] if not before, is that “terrorism” is caused by colonialism and until we abandon the colonialism that pervades our system of social organization, we will never be done with these attacks. But not one candidate from either major party responds with even an elementary level of understanding.

Ted Cruz

Nolan D. McCaskill and Eliza Collins, “Cruz calls for patrols of Muslim neighborhoods,” Politico, March 22, 2016,


Seung Min Kim, “After Brussels, Democrats to push for tighter airport security in FAA bill,” Politico, March 22, 2016,

Donald Trump

David Edwards, “Donald Trump: ‘I wonder if they’re setting up a little area in Cuba for the Muslim population,’” Raw Story, March 22, 2016,

Bethania Palma Markus, “Trump responds to Brussels attack by insulting the ‘city’ of Belgium — and calling for torture,” Raw Story, March 22, 2016,

The Horses’ Asses Race

Julian Hattem, “Brussels attacks roil WH race,” Hill, March 22, 2016,

  1. [1]Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism (New York: Vintage, 1994).

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