And then there are the Republicans who are still in denial: Daily Bullshit, May 16, 2016

Donald Trump

This was written by a foreign politician who may lean capitalist libertarian, but I found the article via a National Review columnist. The National Review, you may recall, very publicly denounced Donald Trump[1] and is now in a bit of a pickle because they also despise Hillary Clinton. But at this late date, it appears exceedingly unlikely there will be an independent candidate.[2] So they really are stuck.

Dan Hannan, “The real reason Donald Trump is unfit to be president,” Washington Examiner, May 16, 2016,

Conservative Views on Undocumented Migration

I finally managed to put my dissertation on line in HTML format. The PDF has been available for a while, but getting an HTML version was a bit more complicated. As I was going through, trying to catch as many of the conversion errors as I could, I found yet more typos. Typos that survived my own editing, my naive reader’s editing, and the APA editor’s editing.

I’ve left them in. This is meant, as closely as practicable to represent the dissertation as (gasp) published.

The PDF remains available here:

And I try to keep the whole mess somewhat updated here:


  1. [1]National Review, “Against Trump,” January 21, 2016,
  2. [2]Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, “Inside the GOP effort to draft an independent candidate to derail Trump,” Washington Post, May 14, 2016,

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