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I suppose I should take this Foreign Affairs article by Kathleen McNamara largely as vindication for the view I and others been expressing for several days now about Brexit and class.[1] It seems it’s all the fashion now to notice, as if lots of folks hadn’t been howling about social inequality and globalization for years, “a consequential divide between cosmopolitans who view the future with hope and those who have been left behind and have seen their economic situations and ways of life deteriorate.” But that’s really a problem: It took this referendum and, for all the alleged misrepresentations on which its advocates campaigned, for elites to see that, gee whiz, maybe they need to do something different, that just maybe “the social exclusion that arises in a world of stark economic inequality” is a problem that needs to be addressed.[2] And it’s really a huge problem. Because for all this belated concern for the working class, that is, now that this class has delivered a hard slap across elites’ faces, elites continue to insist that so-called “free trade” is a good thing. In short, one must always ask of such a claim, “free” for whom, and “good” for whom? (In more detail, I’ve previously addressed so-called “free trade” in a blog post.) The very existence of powerful elites means the existence of entirely too comfortable people in control who simply don’t regard real people’s problems as being something they need to be even the slightest bit concerned about.[3] That is, until something like the Brexit vote happens.

And it’s the kind of thing that keeps happening. For all the hand-wringing about Donald Trump, there’s a real story in how Democratic Party elites in the U.S. insult progressives[4] and suppress their candidate.[5]

Brexit may indeed be a horrible instrument.[6] And so might Donald Trump. But there are a lot of suffering people out there. If horrible instruments are the only way to get some attention, then complaining, as McNamara does, that “[r]eferenda are terrible mechanisms of democracy”[7] marks her as a large part of the problem.

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Donald Trump

It should go without saying that linking to an article here does not constitute endorsement. Sometimes, as is the case with Scott McConnell’s article in the American Conservative, they’re just interesting.

Scott McConnell, “Why Trump Wins,” American Conservative, June 27, 2016,

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