Julian Assange’s deeply disturbing tweet

Tweet by Julian Assange, February 2, 2018, 9:16 pm.
This is forcing me to re-evaluate:

My immediate response was:

I hated Hillary Clinton, too, but that Julian Assange can so explicitly support the raging, delusional, narcissistic racist and misogynist Donald Trump only lends credibility to the Swedish charges of sexual assault and rape against Assange, the very charges I’ve dismissed in the past.[1]

Edward VIII

Robert Philpot, “Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ paints Edward VIII as Nazi sympathizer — but was he?” Times of Israel, January 29, 2018, https://www.timesofisrael.com/netflix-series-the-crown-paints-edward-viii-as-nazi-sympathizer-but-was-he/

  1. [1]David Benfell, “The Great Feminist Smackdown: Rape Allegations against Julian Assange,” Not Housebroken, December 21, 2010, https://disunitedstates.org/2010/12/21/the-great-feminist-smackdown-rape-allegations-against-julian-assange/; David Benfell, “Misconstruing Moore and Amnesty International: The case against Assange,” Not Housebroken, December 27, 2010, https://disunitedstates.org/2010/12/27/misconstruing-moore-and-amnesty-international-the-case-against-assange/

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