Donald Trump rejects DACA deal it’s doubtful he ever really wanted

Some of this has been just below the threshold that makes me feel an issue is warranted. I’ve mostly been active on Twitter (as n4rky) dealing with topics that I’ve chosen not to bring here because I truly have nothing substantive to add. This isn’t really stuff I’m thinking about because Twitter isn’t the kind of place where anybody thinks about anything. It’s all reaction. Sometimes the reactions are interesting. More often, they’re more of the same old thing.

Unauthorized migration

Kristine Phillips, “Why Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned 5 ex-convicts facing deportation, drawing Trump’s ire,” Washington Post, March 31, 2018,

Laura King, “In Easter Sunday tirade, a frustrated Trump suggests he will make no deal to help Dreamers,” Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2018,

Donald Trump

Aaron Blake, “We finally got an answer about whether Trump knew about the Stormy Daniels payment,” Washington Post, March 29, 2018,

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