Semitic ‘snowflakes’

I have acquired more furniture, a dining room set and a dresser. I “take possession” of the apartment on Tuesday. Hopefully by Wednesday afternoon, I’ll actually be able to move in.


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    • Added what is probably the best explanation of speciesism I’ve ever seen.

Semitic ‘snowflakes’

I’m sorry, I don’t see it and I’m not buying it. The cartoons below, taken from the Times of Israel article, do not seem anti-Semitic to me.

Allegedly anti-Semitic cartoons, reproduced in the Times of Israel, April 28, 2019, fair use. Artists are identified as António Moreira Antunes (left and center) and Aroeira (right).[1]

For these cartoons to be anti-Semitic, any disparaging use of Jewish symbols or even Nazi symbols would have to be taken as anti-Semitic, even when it is aimed not so much at any particular faith, but rather at politicians. Notice that the Muslim crescent, bundled up with sticks of dynamite, evoking a suicide bomber, in one of these cartoons is not taken as Islamophobic.

This despite the fact it is the Israeli government itself that labels as anti-Semitic any objection to its policies toward Palestinians and which insists that Israel must be recognized as a “Jewish state.” Jewish religious symbols may therefore be used to support, but never to oppose Israeli political policies.

Times of Israel, “Likud minister links New York Times to Nazis over Netanyahu cartoon,” April 28, 2019,


Marshall Auerback, “Boeing might represent the greatest indictment of 21st-century capitalism,” Salon, April 27, 2019,

Supreme Court

Robert Barnes and Josh Dawsey, “Trump views the Supreme Court as an ally, sowing doubt about its independence among his critics,” Washington Post, April 27, 2019,


  1. [1]Times of Israel, “Likud minister links New York Times to Nazis over Netanyahu cartoon,” April 28, 2019,

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