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There is a new blog post entitled, “The binary between “Black” and “Blue” Lives.”

Andrew Sheeler, “Black drivers in California stopped and searched more than others, state study shows,” Sacramento Bee, January 2, 2020,

Iraq and Iran

For historical reference:

Reuters, “Iraq war, the notable quotes,” March 11, 2008,

That[1] didn’t go well. But war is the answer. War is always the fucking answer.

Oh, and just sayin’, ’cause I’ve said it before, Iran won’t go any better.[2]

Carlos Latuff, in the above, raises an interesting point. For all the apparent hostility between Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu,[3] Obama gave the Israeli government nearly everything it wanted except for two things:

  1. Complete acquiescence to Israeli hegemony in the West Bank.[4]
  2. War with Iran.

Julian Borger and Martin Chulov, “Iran general Qassem Suleimani killed in Baghdad drone strike ordered by Trump,” Guardian, January 3, 2020,

Zachary Evans, “State Department Warns Americans to Leave Iraq ‘Immediately’ in Wake of Soleimani Killing,” National Review, January 3, 2020,


Telegraph, “Veganism is a philosophical belief and is therefore protected by law, judge rules,” January 3, 2020,

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