Tropical Storm Fay

I haven’t been keeping records, but so far this summer in Pittsburgh has been hot, humid, and relatively rain-free. Yesterday was the first day I really started seeing some thunderstorms, but even then, the rain was really relatively light. A flash flood advisory went out but came to nothing.

This is in stark contrast to what I remember of last summer, where it seemed like every day we had horrendous thunderstorms and a deluge. It seemed like every day we had severe weather warnings, flash flood warnings, or at least one of the two.

But Tropical Storm Fay has formed (figure 1):
Fig. 1. 72-hour gif of Eastern Canada satellite photos, two hours apart.

I don’t really expect any of that to come our way. I think it won’t make it past central Pennsylvania. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

The previous issue saw updates right up through 5:56 am this morning (July 10).

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