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It’s probably not worth the click, but there was an update to the last issue. The short version is that I have hot water again (yay!) and I’ve figured out what to do should the dealer once again fail to diagnose the problem with my car.

Horse race

1/8 Okay, so we see here that @HeerJeet really, really, really hates @ProjectLincoln because @danpfeiffer really isn’t all that favorable towards them either. But I like the article too.

2/8 One thing I found interesting is that @danpfeiffer perceives daylight between @ProjectLincoln and #neoconservatism, even if many #NeverTrumpers are #neoconservatives and #NeverTrump was a #neoconservative project.

3/8 @HeerJeet notices, apparently from the article, that @ProjectLincoln spends little on swing states. I notice from the article that their work seems mostly aimed inside the beltway. That’s also where #neoconservatives have the most influence.

4/8 It’s kind of a weird thing to me because #neoconservatism is the #WashingtonConsensus. Its principles, including #neoliberalism as a moral imperative, have been broadly embraced by both @TheDemocrats and the @GOP since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

5/8 But while the relative popularity of various tendencies of conservatism was not a research question in my dissertation, I definitely had the impression that there were few voters outside the beltway who would identify as #neoconservatives or with #neoconservative ideals.

6/8 #Neoconservatives work mostly behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. They occupy many positions within the military-industrial complex and @StateDept bureaucracies. And it thus looks to me like @ProjectLincoln is really more of the same, but more overtly.

7/8 @ProjectLincoln seems like @AmbJohnBolton and @BillKristol. They attract a lot of attention, but as #neoconservatives, they are but the tip of the #neoconservative iceberg, the part you see above the waterline.

8/8 If there is indeed a difference in emphasis between @ProjectLincoln and #neoconservatism, it’s that the former is rescuing the U.S. capitalist-imperialist-oligarchy from @realDonaldTrump and #neoconservatives believe that system must be aggressively defended at any cost.[1]

Dan Pfeiffer, “The Lincoln Project: Friend, Foe, or Fraud?” Crooked, July 16, 2020, https://crooked.com/articles/lincoln-project-friend-fraud/


Molly O’Toole, “Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration rejects new DACA applications,” Los Angeles Times, July 16, 2020, a href=”https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2020-07-16/trump-refuses-new-daca-supreme-court” target=”_blank”>https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2020-07-16/trump-refuses-new-daca-supreme-court

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