Boris Johnson’s blunders

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has blundered his way into multiple scandals, nearly simultaneously,[1] just as an election is to be held on May 6, where the Tories now hold a diminished lead in the polls.[2]

Fig. 1. “The Unseen Sketch,” by Matt Pritchett, via a Telegraph newsletter, May 2, 2021, fair use.

To be honest, I haven’t been paying attention to any of it beyond letting the headlines scroll right on by. But things might be getting interesting in Britain.

Fig. 2. Photograph by author, February 7, 2020.

The tree in figure 2 is visibly dying. The needles have gone from mostly green—now that I look again, I see that some had a rust color even last year—to mostly orange yesterday, to brown today.

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  2. [2]Toby Helm, Robyn Vinter and Michael Savage, “Tory poll lead slashed as key elections loom across Britain,” Guardian, May 1, 2021,

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