The neoliberalism zombie will keep us poor

Economic ideology

In a previous article, Eric Levitz castigates policymakers for keeping so many people (including me[1]) underemployed or unemployed and effectively calls out claims of a “labor shortage” as fraudulent.[2] It has to be said, there’s little of that here, as Levitz turns to a larger failing of neoliberalism to address inequality, environmental calamity, or even its own failure to fulfill even its own policy making rationale.[3] Neoliberalism has, of course, been intellectually utterly discredited for quite some time now,[4] but anyone thinking this would alter policy making need only look to how the reconciliation package fares against the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrstin Sinema.[5]

Paradoxically, Levitz highlights a popular complacency about what he calls the “fortification” of social inequality[6] even as workers hold out for better wages and conditions—they certainly aren’t complacent about inequality—and employers continue to whine about their entirely bogus “labor shortage.”[7] Perhaps the conclusion that would result from such a desperately needed synthesis, further illustrating the malice of our elite,[8] would be a step too far for publication.

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Donald Trump

Coup attempt

When the only hope for the survival of a country’s political system rests with the death of a politician, it’s time to wonder how very far away that country is from the status of a “failed nation,” “banana republic,” or a “Third World country.” I am, of course, referring to the U.S. and Donald Trump, with the former so far abjectly failing to effectively deal with the threat from the latter.

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