When belief ceases to matter


As violence increases around Russian-held areas of eastern Ukraine,[1] and the propaganda war intensifies, I’m thinking it is important to remember that sometimes, propaganda is not meant to be believed.

Do not misunderstand: The propagandist would certainly prefer that you believe their propaganda. But if indeed, Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine,[2] despite the Biden administration’s apparently skillful use of intelligence releases to counter Putin’s propaganda,[3] we may have reached the limits of that strategy.

Putin may now have decided to dispense with credibility in favor of pretense, to an impose a “truth” made authoritative through brute physical force. In the end, no one is prepared to stop him; rather they have all assured their domestic constituencies that they will not intervene militarily to stop Putin from invading.[4] And so, just as no one believes that Crimea is Russian territory, but Putin occupied and annexed it anyway, Putin may now do whatever it is he intends in the rest of Ukraine.

Ultimately, war reduces to a contest between elites over which of them will control which territories, and control the people and the resources within those territories. And violence reduces to brutal persuasion. From the rest of us, it is compliance that is required, not belief.

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