The horse race is on and it’s tight between two carpetbaggers in Pennsylvania

Fig. 1. There’s much too much of this kind of thing to be seen around Pittsburgh. Photograph taken by author through his windshield, May 17, 2022, just outside Braddock, Pennsylvania.


Utterly unsurprisingly,[1] John Fetterman appears to have won in the Democratic Party primary for the U.S. Senate, while the carpetbaggers Dave McCormick and Mehmet Oz are each well ahead of Kathy Barnette. Despite a strong showing for the Barnette in the yard sign race, McCormick appears to be ahead in Allegheny County; he also holds a slender and diminishing lead over Oz statewide.[2]

Also unsurprisingly, Doug Mastriano appears to have won the Republican primary race for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor. Josh Shapiro, the current state attorney general was uncontested on the Democratic side.[3]

I’m off to bed. We’ll see how it all looks in the morning.

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