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For my mother, whose birthday it is today:

Fig. 1. “F Minus” comic by Tony Carrillo for August 17, 2022, via GoComics, fair use, maybe?

I am not yet caught up.


But let us start with the maps from the past four months of fighting. What is most striking is how little territory has changed hands. The Russians completed the capture of Mariupol and moved forward with an enormous effort in Luhansk, while Ukraine has been nibbling away at their positions in the Kharkiv and Kherson Oblasts, and pushed the Russians off Snake Island in the Black Sea. Other than that, not much. So far in this war defence has been dominant. This could be seen when Russia failed to take Kyiv and then withdrew from northern Ukraine. . . .

With defences dominant and not much territory changing hands, this is a war of attrition. Attrition is normally described as an alternative to a war of manoeuvre, which offers the more enticing prospect of a decisive battlefield victory. The only prospect of victory in an attritional war is through a series of encounters that have the cumulative effect of leaving the enemy depleted and exhausted. . . .

[A]ttrition is disparaged as an inferior and undesirable form of warfare, requiring patience and an ability to absorb pain – without necessarily offering a plausible route to victory. It is often the result, as in this case, of the aggressor failing to achieve an early victory through manoeuvre. It is chosen largely because it is the only alternative to acknowledging defeat.[1]

Lawrence Freedman goes on to point out that the binary between maneuver and attrition is too sharply drawn, that attrition can be a means to maneuver. The trouble is that doesn’t seem to be what’s actually happening. The less evil news is that the tide seems to be shifting achingly slowly in Ukraine’s favor.[2]

“For Moscow, the war may now be all about denying Nato the satisfaction of a Ukrainian victory and saving [Vladimir] Putin’s blushes,”[3] or, perhaps more precisely, delaying Putin’s humiliation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s satisfaction. Which is another way of saying that people are dying for ego.

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Elon Musk

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Donald Trump

Coup attempt

There is a new blog post entitled, “The really, really, really wild wildcards in the 2022 and 2024 elections.”

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