They say it’s ‘Labor Day.’ Somehow we’re back to May 1?

Your occasional reminder that Labor Day properly falls on May 1st.

It’s actually been a day without drama at the new apartment. On Saturday, we finally tracked down the leak that was causing the flooding beneath my apartment: It was a kitchen sink drainpipe. Yesterday my landlord finished battling through getting parts to mate up with very old plumbing—apparently it matters that some of it is brass—to fix it.

Meanwhile, Verizon came out, yes, on a Sunday, to fix his extension line. My landlord likes this guy a lot better.

The previous technician who had disconnected the extension line to run my fiber optic Internet connection wasn’t very communicative. That’s just how some folks, especially in technology fields are, and you can’t really hold it against them, but my landlord knows just enough to be dangerous and expects a different communication style.


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Joe Napsha’s story[1] is of a sort that can be reliably predicted to provoke my fury. I responded to him directly in email:

I saw your recent story on the so-called “labor shortage.”

I have not been able to find a real job since the dot-com crash in 2001. It does not matter what level job I apply for or with what level of education. In that time, I returned to school, finished a bachelor’s degree, did a Masters, and a Ph.D. nothing I do makes any difference, even now.

So I absolutely do not want to hear about how employers can’t find workers.

The claim of a “labor shortage” has been well documented to rest on an unwillingness to pay a living wage. This is a factor you conspicuously excluded. It further neglects biases in hiring that continue to afflict me, for example.

I mostly voice-dictated it since I was working on my smartphone; typographical errors may be attributed to Google’s speech recognition system.

I addressed this crap in a blog post entitled, “About that alleged ‘labor shortage.’

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