Truckers driving in circles

She worked for hours. I think I’ve told you the story before about the young lady I picked up at Heinz Lofts (the old Heinz factory in Pittsburgh, now converted to apartments) who was sobbing uncontrollably as I drove her to her destination. I thought she’d been through a break-up with her boyfriend or something like that but it turned out it’d been her first day on the job as a housecleaner and she’d worked for eight hours trying to clean an apartment.

The last time I tried to do any housecleaning, I was in tears after five minutes of scrubbing on my own shower stall. I didn’t get to tell her that because she explained at the very end of the ride, so I understood her predicament more than she knows.

A housecleaner came today to my apartment. She did a great job. But my god, it must have been six hours she was here, doing an initial “deep clean” for what will be a monthly, hopefully less time-consuming, cleaning in the future.

This is the same outfit I used to do the final cleaning of my old apartment. They took a lot longer than I expected then too. But it’s hard to find housecleaning in Pittsburgh. Mostly, they don’t even return your calls.

And I keep thinking of that woman I drove from Heinz Lofts.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctors and charlatans

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Donald Trump

Coup attempt

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U.S. Postal Service

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I am a little perturbed by how long it’s taken for Ed Gainey to announce reinspections of bridges rated in poor condition.[1] The Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed, after all, clear back in January. Late January, but January nonetheless.

It sounds, however, like Gainey actually has a program. This is in coordination with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).[2] So this could be a stylistic thing: Gainey is doing before he is talking, something a bunch of other Democrats might take note of.

That said, this style, assuming that’s what it is, is going to take some getting used to. And I’m thinking at the very least, I should be perturbed that it took so long to set up a program with PennDOT. That might be PennDOT’s fault, but I don’t know. It seems weird.

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Julia Ioffe, it turns out, has her own rather different take on why deposing Vladimir Putin wouldn’t work.[3] Paul Nuki and Mark Galeotti, you might recall, each argued, in effect, that Putin is a puppet master and the oligarchs and security elites are his puppets. A coup, in their light, has the same likelihood of success as that of a marionette turning against the hand that pulls its strings.[4] Ioffe, on the other hand, observes all the people who are willingly carrying out Putin’s orders. The same, she argues, happened under Josef Stalin and she attributes a joke to Michael Idov who, she paraphrases, said something to the effect “that, in 100 years, Russia had reproduced essentially the same system three times: an authoritarian bureaucracy with a cult of personality at its center. Whatever its ideological trappings—monarchist, communist, neo-fascist—the core was the same.”[5]

It turns out to be unlikely that Mark Twain actually said, “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”[6] But more than this, Ioffe’s view draws on an archetype I have seen before that characterizes the Russian psyche as somehow craving a cruel authoritarian. This said, regardless of how he views himself, Putin is not Stalin, nor is he Nicholas II; Putin does not live in Stalin’s time, nor Nicholas II’s.

That doesn’t make Ioffe wrong. Indeed, I very much fear she is right. There might, in fact, be something of Philip Zimbardo’s “power of the situation”[7] in the Kremlin that somehow survives all the upheavals of Russian history. But this is the very sort of view that must be treated with caution.

One of the things I tell the students who find themselves on an Uber ride with me driving is that social science theories should be treated like tools in a toolbox. When they seem to suit the task at hand, great, by all means, use them and cite them. When they don’t, put them back in the toolbox. Leave them aside for another day.

Along with this, what I’m really saying is that no social science theory is all that wonderful for prediction. It might help you to explain a point, in which case, you should absolutely use it. But don’t trust it to predict an outcome. It might be right. But I’d much rather apply it post hoc.

So go ahead, call me chicken shit. Call out my lack of courage. Scholarship isn’t about toxic masculinity. In the social sciences especially, we seek to understand. That macho approach that says I’ve got a theory and I’m gonna predict the future with it is simply silly.

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