When social science theory becomes a set of blinders


It’s a pretty good demonstration of realpolitik (or ‘realism’): Under Donald Trump, the U.S. didn’t want its soldiers prosecuted for crimes committed in Afghanistan. Under Joe Biden, the U.S. wants Russians, including Vladimir Putin, prosecuted for crimes committed in Ukraine.[1]

The idea of realism theory is that states act amorally and callously according to their own perceived interests. And it is true that they often do. It’s a partial picture, however, and a demonstration of my point that social science theories should be treated like tools in a toolbox, deployed and shamelessly cited when useful, left in the toolbox when not.[2]

So, is the U.S. guilty of hypocrisy with regard to the International Criminal Court? Of course it is. Was the U.S. guilty of war crimes in Afghanistan? Of course it was. Is Russia guilty of war crimes in Ukraine? Of course it is. Modern warfare is inherently and unavoidably criminal, particularly when, as in Afghanistan, and as is often the case in asymmetric conflict, it is difficult to tell combatants apart from noncombatants. But especially so when parties to a conflict, as with Russia, see criminality as militarily advantageous.

The trick here is to see beyond the lens of realism theory. There will be more to the story in nearly every case. We don’t know what it is because journalists treat realism paradigmatically and form their stories accordingly. Social science theory thus becomes a set of blinders.

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Right-wing militias

Police White supremacist gangs

Fig. 1. Photograph by Lorie Shaull, April 1, 2021, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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Fig. 1. “East River Savings Bank,” apparently now a CVS drug store. Photograph by Jim Henderson, July 3, 2021, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0.

What caused the sudden loss of confidence in [Silicon Valley Bank] is the stuff of rumors. The made-for-Twitter rumor with the most staying power posits that the iconoclastic Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel decided the gig was up at SVB and that he, or one of his executives, urged his portfolio companies at his Founders Fund to take their money out of the bank. Did he also buy short-dated puts on the SVB stock, or short it, to help make the whole thing a self-fulfilling prophecy? Who knows? (His spokesman, Jeremiah Hall, at Torch Communications, did not respond to a request for comment. But his partner, Trae Stephens, all but confirmed to Bloomberg that Founders Fund initiated the stampede.) Further speculation has it that both Sequoia and a16z then followed Thiel’s lead and urged their portfolio companies to get their money the heck out of SVB. There have also been reports that as early as December, Fred Wilson, the dean of New York’s venture capital industry, at Union Square Ventures, began telling its portfolio companies to flee SVB.[3]

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