Because Israel is such a success, let’s do it again with Ukraine




Fig. 1. “Destroyed Russian military vehicles located on the main street Khreshchatyk are seen as part of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kyiv, August 24.” Photograph by Gleb Garanich for Reuters, August 24, 2022,[1] fair use.

Julia Ioffe’s report this time is, in broad strokes, unsurprising. I’ve been hearing about an “Israel model” for a while. It’s worth reading anyway because she details some rationale[2] that I don’t think you’ll find explained elsewhere.

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Donald Trump
Coup attempt

Fig. 2. “Jake Angeli (Qanon Shaman), seen holding a Qanon sign at the intersection of Bell Rd and 75th Ave in Peoria, Arizona, on 2020 October 15.” Photography by TheUnseen011101 [pseud.], October 15, 2020, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

The good news on the latest charges against Donald Trump is that the judge will not be Aileen Cannon. The bad news is that while it would practically be a given that Trump will complain that Tanya Chutkan is biased against him anyway, this is a Barack Obama-appointee who has already previously issued (justifiably) harsh rulings against Trump,[3] and who will therefore draw additional suspicion.

I don’t know that that suspicion amounts to anything. One of my questions is how far Trump’s lawyers can go in accusing Chutkan of bias. Another of my questions is how Trump’s supporters react to what are being widely reported as the most serious charges yet.

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So-called ‘ridesharing’


Fig. 3. “Clarkdale Classic Gas Station, Clarkdale, Arizona,” Photograph by Alan Levine, October 28, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, CC0.

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Unauthorized violence

Fig. 4. “Ed Gainey poses with CeaseFirePA during the 2020 Women’s March in Downtown Pittsburgh.” Photograph by Megan Gloeckler, undated, via Pittsburgh City Paper,[4] fair use.

Paula Reed Ward and Justin Vellucci, “Pittsburgh synagogue shooter should be put to death, jury decides,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 2, 2023,

Electric vehicles

Fig. 5. “A Toyota bZ4X electric sport utility vehicle: EVs currently on the market are fitted with batteries that use liquid lithium-ion electrolytes.” Photograph by Kiyoshi Ota, n.d., via Financial Times, fair use.

Reuters, “Tesla faces California class action on its EV range claims,” Reuters, August 3, 2023,

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