Liars, liars, pants on fire




Fig. 1. The ruins of a terminal at the Gaza airport. Image by Said Khatib (Agence France-Presse) on September 9, 2018, via the Times of Israel,[1] fair use.

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Donald Trump
Coup attempt


Fig. 1. Donald Trump booking photograph by Fulton County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Office, August 24, 2023, via New York, August 25, 2023,[2] public domain.

There is now a 2024 page. It doesn’t have anything on it yet, but I figure even if Donald Trump dies tonight, there will be fallout from the coup attempt stretching into the new year.

I mean, seriously, if Michael Cohen, who had seemingly repented,[3] is still playing games—no, I don’t buy his protestations of innocence—like using artificial idiocy to write pleadings citing hallucinated cases,[4] you gotta know this is going to drag on for years.

Hush money

Fig. 1. Cartoon by Jesse Duquette, undated, via “Minneapple23” [pseud.] on Imgur, April 1, 2023, fair use.

Pranshu Verma, “Michael Cohen used fake cases created by AI in bid to end his probation,” Washington Post, December 29, 2023,

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