Relief for Clairton at long last?

Pennsylvania and surrounding areas

Pittsburgh, the Ohio Valley, and surrounding areas


Fig. 1. Photographer unknown, circa 1940-1950, from Smoke Control Lantern Slide Collection, ca. 1940-1950, AIS.1978.22, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh, via Bloomberg,[1] fair use.

Evan Robinson-Johnson, “U.S. Steel settles environmental suit, pledging millions in Mon Valley improvements,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 27, 2024,




Fig. 1. The ruins of a terminal at the Gaza airport. Image by Said Khatib (Agence France-Presse) on September 9, 2018, via the Times of Israel,[2] fair use.

Juan Cole makes clear that Israel has a serious problem that the International Court of Justice ruled it clearly hasn’t taken seriously enough.[3]

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