Nukes in space?



Fig. 1. Historic Russian empire, from the New York Times, possibly March 6, 2014, fair use.[1]

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Fig. 2. “Destroyed Russian military vehicles located on the main street Khreshchatyk are seen as part of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kyiv, August 24.” Photograph by Gleb Garanich for Reuters, August 24, 2022,[2] fair use.

Zachary Basu, “House’s Ukraine showdown escalates with calls to bypass Johnson,” Axios, February 13, 2024,



Fig. 3. The ruins of a terminal at the Gaza airport. Image by Said Khatib (Agence France-Presse) on September 9, 2018, via the Times of Israel,[3] fair use.

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So-called ‘ridesharing’


Fig. 4. Yeah, this is me. The sign says, “If you’re whining about a labor shortage, STOP ignoring my job applications!” And the QR-code leads here. Photograph by author, January 16, 2023.

Akash Sriram, “Uber, Lyft, DoorDash drivers to strike on Valentine’s Day for fair pay,” Reuters, February 12, 2024,

Lizzy McLellan Ravitch, “PHL Airport Uber and Lyft drivers will strike on Valentine’s Day. Here’s why,” Philadelphia Inquirer, February 13, 2024,

Evan Robinson-Johnson, “Uber, Lyft drivers plan daylong strike over complaints about wages, traumatic work experiences,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 14, 2024,


Fig. 5. “Clarkdale Classic Gas Station, Clarkdale, Arizona,” Photograph by Alan Levine, October 28, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, CC0.

[Uber] announced new long-term financial targets during a virtual analyst meeting Wednesday morning that pointed toward better-than-expected growth in bookings, adjusted pretax earnings and free cash flow. The low end of Uber’s target implied free cash flow hitting about $9.3 billion in 2026—nearly triple what it generated last year and above Wall Street’s consensus target of $9.1 billion for that year. Uber also announced its first-ever share buyback, worth $7 billion.[4]

Dan Gallagher, “Uber Put a Lot More Gas in Its Tank,” Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2024,


Fig. 6. Photograph by Joachim F. Thurn, August 1991, Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F089030-0003, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE.

Ishaan Tharoor, “The world’s third-biggest democracy could be sliding backward,” Washington Post, February 14, 2024,

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