Neoliberalism · Academic repression


Academic repression

Fig. 1. “The Evolution of Intellectual Freedom.” Comic by Jorge Cham, 2011, via Episyllogism[1] fair use.

When I look at higher education, I see what seems nearly like a perfect storm, indeed a quadruple-whammy. Capitalists, especially capitalist libertarians, valorize only the ‘education’ (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics [STEM]) that directly increases their profits while deriding all other inquiry (“basket weaving,” technically referring to anthropology and the arts, but for which, read the humanities and social sciences generally, never mind human science). Neoliberalism thus propels a reduction of education to job training (that is, preparation for serfdom), and when those jobs fail to materialize, as in my own case and as in far too many cases, people are naturally going to wonder what value they got from their student loans.

This combines with pervasive U.S. anti-intellectualism, a neoliberal reallocation of funds from the actual work of higher education and from teaching to administrations and to extracurricular activities, and the rise of white Christian nationalism to cast education alternatively as a “waste of money” and recently as undermining “Amerikkkan” values, especially with critical Race Theory history, but earlier with the counterculture, antiwar, and liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s.[2]

Education thus has become less about inquiry, a quest for knowledge, and more about an ideological battleground where capitalists extract wealth from the rest of us first through student loans and then through serfdom. It has, tragically, in short, become a scam.

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