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Academic repression

Student loans

Fig. 1. Unattributed and undated image via James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal,[1] fair use.

I wasn’t very much a fan of Joe Biden’s student loan relief which, at best, would barely scratch the surface of my student loan debt. It’s just $10,000 or $20,000 more that they won’t get back anyway because nobody will let me have a real job. And yes, this is kind of a I-didn’t-get-mine kind of thing.

Trouble is, it doesn’t seem likely to me that any new plan will be any better. We’ll all just have to wait another day until, hopefully, someone decides to admit to reality. It’d help a lot if a few Supreme Court justices tried that.

But you know, something like your dogma is getting in the way of my karma? There does seem something oddly narcotic about politicians and delusion, witness neoliberalism.

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