Moving, the long, drawn-out version

Today is day 2 of the great book move. I moved eight boxes yesterday. It looks like I have twelve or thirteen left to pack and move and I am hoping to move eight more today.

I have IKEA furniture assembly happening at some ungodly hour (actually 9 am) Monday. These are all chests; a six drawer one to replace the one in the old apartment that won’t fit in the new, and two two-drawer chests which will serve as nightstands, which I’d never gotten around to getting in the old apartment. These are in the same style as my bookshelves, which will naturally be in a different room. I’m not terribly fond of the color scheme but it will, I trust, be good quality stuff.

Tuesday, the movers come for my bed and bookshelves. Also Tuesday, Verizon comes to put in service at the new apartment; I will then no longer have it at the old one.

I’ve ordered blackout curtains for the bedroom, which has a window that looks out to trees and a tiny creek. The latter will surely be interesting when, as we do in Pittsburgh, we get torrential downpours that make California rain seem like a fine mist. Unfortunately, the curtains are coming from China (thankfully, not Xinjiang province); they are presently in Hong Kong and I expect they’ll be on a slow boat from there. But hey, who needs sleep?

Oh yeah, and the curtain rods will have to be mounted. I do have those.

I haven’t really thought out the technology move, which will have to happen Tuesday, beyond that I have one uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at the old apartment that’s had the course. Money will need to be spent to get some of this stuff off the floor in the new place and to cover what I’m pretty sure are going to be some awkward cable and cord runs.

I haven’t really figured out where I’m going to put the television at the new place. Or my computer. Or my monitor. These are probably going to have to fit in the bedroom. I don’t have anything like a table or a desk there. These I’d actually like to retrieve from California in—wait—FEBRUARY? Some of this I really want to figure out after the bed and bookshelves are moved; I’m having trouble visualizing the space.

I’m running out of groceries at the old apartment but I haven’t moved dishes and the like to the new one. But oh yes, I have a new dish rack at the new apartment to replace the rusting mistake I bought when I moved into the old apartment.

I still haven’t figured out about storage for my remaining furniture, for which there isn’t room in the new apartment.

As of tomorrow, I will have two months of overlap, when I still have the old apartment (and am paying rent for it) while I’m moving into the new one, to sort all this out.

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