Still looking for a stock market ‘correction?’ You aren’t alone

On review, LinkedIn admitted their error, apologized, and restored the post. The account lives for another day. There is a new blog post entitled, “On profanity.”



There is another new blog post entitled, “What we owe anti-vaxxers in a life-threatening pandemic.”

Richard Winton, “All California prison guards, staff must get COVID-19 vaccine, federal judge rules,” Los Angeles Times, September 27, 2021,

Jim Salter, “COVID-related attacks prompt hospital to issue panic buttons,” Associated Press, September 28, 2021,

Aaron Blake, “The evidence is building: Vaccine mandates work — and well,” Washington Post, September 29, 2021,

Christina Baker Kline, “My father should be in surgery rehab. But with beds full of the unvaccinated, he died in covid quarantine,” Washington Post, September 29, 2021,


Ann E. Marimow and Robert Barnes, “Texas defends law that has halted most abortions in the state,” Washington Post, September 29, 2021,


Daniel Strauss, “Can Pramila Jayapal Stare Down Manchin and Sinema?” New Republic, September 29, 2021,

Wall Street

William D. Cohan, “Coming: Wall Street Executives Await the Big One,” Puck, September 29, 2021,

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