How the Russian Army rolls




Fig. 1. “Destroyed Russian military vehicles located on the main street Khreshchatyk are seen as part of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kyiv, August 24.” Photograph by Gleb Garanich for Reuters, August 24, 2022,[1] fair use.

After apparently completely misjudging the outcome of the Wagner mutiny for protagonists Yevgeny Prigozhin and Vladimir Putin, Julia Ioffe is back with a harsh assessment of the widely heralded Ukrainian counteroffensive. Low morale and incompetent leadership in the Russian Army, she argues, is just how the Russian Army rolls: Miserable soldiers get drunk and go back to fighting.[2]

Ioffe does present the evidence for a case that widespread hopes for the counteroffensive were unreasonable,[3] but I think she still underestimates the peril that Putin faces—surely nobody can really skate by with the kind of performance the Russian Army we saw in the last year—in the wake of the mutiny and I think she’s right that many expectations for the counteroffensive have been set too high, too soon.

For me, there’s some dissonance here. First, everybody underestimates the Ukrainians. Now, everybody overestimates them. To which I would say, come on now, get a grip. I think the far smarter thing would be to withhold judgment. We need to be patient. And frankly, that goes for Ioffe as well.

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Fig. 1. The ruins of a terminal at the Gaza airport. Image by Said Khatib (Agence France-Presse) on September 9, 2018, via the Times of Israel,[4] fair use.

Some of us remember when “pc” or “politically correct” speech was a right-wing bugaboo. Now, white Christian nationalists have their own version in which, 1) of course, anti-Zionism is equated with anti-Semitism; and 2) recognition of the existence of the Palestinian people—a demographic fact—let alone that they are human beings entitled to human rights is anti-Zionist, and therefore anti-Semitic.[5]

Ishaan Tharoor sees this as showing Republicans rather than Democrats as radical on Israel. But when so-called “moderate” (read neoliberal) Democrats join Republicans in a denial that Israel is a racist state,[6] it’s going to be hard to sustain that view politically.

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Century III Mall

Fig. 1. “The exterior of the closed Century III Mall taken from a drone . . . in West Mifflin.” Photograph by Benjamin B. Braun, May 11, 2023, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,[7] fair use.

Michael DiVittorio, “West Mifflin Council unanimously condemns former Century III Mall,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 18, 2023,


Academic repression

Student loans

Fig. 1. Unattributed and undated image via James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal,[8] fair use.

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