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Speaker of the House of Representatives, 2023

Fig. 1. Photograph credited to Office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, date inconsistent with title but given as November 9, 2022, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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Donald Trump

Fig. 1. Donald Trump, depicted in an orange jumpsuit, reportedly by the Drudge, via Mediaite,[2] fair use. Apparently, no mugshot was taken when he was actually arrested over hush money paid to Stormy Daniels.[3]

There’s no specific story here. As my faithful readers know, my assessment of the 2024 has been—very tentatively—that Donald Trump and the Republicans are in for a rude awakening the morning after election day. The divide between white Christian nationalists and the rest of the country on abortion rights and the 2020 election results is sharp. Election results have shown it doesn’t work in Republicans’ favor.

Such forecasts—and not just from me—particularly so early on should always be qualified with recognitions that 1) it’s early, 2) there’s a lot that can happen, and 3) there’s a lot of time for it to happen in.

You can certainly argue with my first paragraph here. But there’s no arguing with the second. With ongoing worries about the economy and wars in Ukraine and Gaza, we’re seeing that. We’re also seeing extraordinary Republican dysfunction that at the very least raises serious questions about the Party’s readiness to govern.

I’m moving to a more cautious stance. I still have an impossibly hard time imagining Trump coming out of all this victorious. But I do think there’s cause for concern.

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